It is noon; and Dough-Boy, the steward, thrusting his pale loaf-of-breaace from the cabin-scuttle, announces dinner to his lord anaster; who, sitting in the lee quarter-boat, has just been taking abservation of the sun; and is now mutely reckoning the latitude on thmooth, medallion-shaped tablet, reserved for that daily purpose ohe upper part of his ivory leg. From his complete inattention to thidings, you would think that moody Ahab had not heard his menial. Buresently, catching hold of the mizen shrouds, he swings himself the deck, and in an even, unexhilarated voice, saying, "Dinner, Mrtarbuck," disappears into the cabin.

When the last echo of his sultan's step has died away, and Starbuck, thirst Emir, has every reason to suppose that he is seated, then Starbucouses from his quietude, takes a few turns along the planks, and, afte grave peep into the binnacle, says, with some touch of pleasantnessDinner, Mr. Stubb," and descends the scuttle. The second Emir loungebout the rigging awhile, and then slightly shaking the main brace, tee whether it will be all right with that important rope, he likewisakes up the old burden, and with a rapid "Dinner, Mr. Flask," followfter his predecessors.